Year of Establishment : 2015


  1. To create and improve the inter-relation between Past Students and the Institute.
  2. To make efforts for educational, cultural and professional development of present and past students of the Institute.
  3. To help and cooperate for the progress of the Institute. To provide job opportunities for the present and past students.
  4. To organize different social programmes and to orient the past students about the new trends in education.
  5. To publish Souvenir of the Association.

Alumni Association

Sr. No. Name Designation
1 Dr. Atul Arun Gaikwad President
2 Assist. Prof. Rajendra Raskar Secretary
3 Assist. Prof. Suvarna Bhujbal Treasurer
4 Assist. Prof. Sagar Dighe Member
5 Ganesh Jadhav Student Member
6 Anand Kadam Student Member
7 Sonal Khaire Student Member
8 Santosh Chaudhari Student Member
9 Amol Ghone Student Member