About Us


Ira Education Society since its inception in 2008 has been working in the field of education under the visionary leadership of honourable Dr. Prasanna Deshmukh. The IRA Education Society has been active in promoting quality education in teaching – learning course like Bachelor in Education and other courses related to education and try to develop, inculcate all kind of professionalism in teacher education to improve the teaching standards in the surrounding of rural areas. Ira education Society trying to empower the rural students by educating and instilling all skills, values, core-elements

Our society functions in a well equipped infra/building and our campus refreshes all with its scenic beauty. Our academically excellent, active teaching faculty always work devotionally with ICT facilities. Our society’s staff work as a team with their best to accept all challenges and will get succeed in it.



  • We foster our Student’s love for learning, encourage them to try new and exciting things, and give them a Solid foundation to build on.
  • To develop an understanding of the principles of pedagogy and its application to curriculum transaction and evaluation.
  • To develop the skills and competencies necessary to play the multifaceted role of the teacher in millennium.
  • To enable the students to live in harmony with oneself and with other in the professions, community and Society at large.



"To generating value-based transactions and empower students teacher to deal with professional and global issues through techno savvy age."



  • To acquire teaching skills & strategies to transfer the given content.
  • To innovate & experiment classroom practices.
  • To acquire confluence & ability to plan & organize school related community related programmes & activities.
  • To innovate & experiment new things in teacher education.
  • To become open minded to acquire competences to meet the global challenges.