Staff Profile

Information about Teaching Staff and Non-teaching Staff in brief. More details can be found in the pdf files linked to this page.

Teaching Staff

 Index Name Designation Mode of Appointment
 1 Dr. Mrs. Khodaskar Mangala Ramesh Principal Full-time
 2 Mr. Tilekar Sandeep Chandrakant Asst. Professor Full-time
 3 Mrs. Borude Geetanjali Maruti Asst. Professor Full-time
 4 Mrs. Bhujbal Suvarna Khanderao Asst. Professor Full-time
 5 Mrs. Gurav Gauri Haribhau Asst. Professor Full-time
 6 Mrs. Sakrikar Yogini Dilip  Asst. Professor Full-time
 7 Mrs. Kuldipake Sujata Uttamrao Asst. Professor Full-time
 8 Mr. Raskar Rajendra Subhash Asst. Professor Full-time
 9 Mr .Gangave Umesh ShashikantAsst. ProfessorFull-time
 10 Mrs.Tilekar Usha Sandeep Asst. Professor Full-time
 11 Mr Dhige Sagar Vijay Asst. Professor Full-time
 12 Mr.Patil Alpesh Ashok Asst. Professor Full-time
 13 Mr.Jangam Nagendra Vilas Asst. Professor Full-time
 14 Smt. Pol Pradnya Shrimant Asst. Professor Full-time
 15 Mr.Dalvi Rupesh Sopanrao Asst. Professor Full-time
16  Ms. Joshi Mayuri Parshuram Asst. Professor Full-time

Non-Teaching Staff

 Index Name Designation Mode of Appointment
 1 Mr. Kunjir Vishal Vijay Librarian Full-time
 2 Mrs. Tilekar Kaveri Mangesh Accounts Assistant Full-time
 3 Mr. Palve Mohan Raghunath Accounts Assistant Full-time
 4 Mr. Jadhav Pavan Shantaram Asst Librarian Full-time
 5 Mr. Salunkhe Dhanaji Genba Store Keeper Full-time
 6 Mr. Dhiwar Ajay Shataram Technical Assitant Full-time
 7 Mr. Gaikwad Shreneek Dipak Laboratory Attendent Full-time
 8 Mrs. Shivtare Shakuntala Shivaji Helper Superintendent Full-time

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